Out of the test lab…


…and into the kitchen. This month, we have made incredible progress on our little kitchen timer,¬†cluck. Now, we are ready to let people start using the prototypes we’ve built.

If you have run into the problem of forgetting what was happening in your kitchen and want to try out a cluck in our test kitchen, comment below or reach out to Doon. We’ll schedule you for a 30 minute session and have you boil some eggs and pasta.

Looking forward to cooking together!

2 thoughts on “Out of the test lab…

  1. Greg

    Hi There,

    I am Greg Juneau with Future Electronics and would love a 30 minute session if still available, We work closely with Arne and curious to see the product in action.

    • Greg. Can you send me your email address? I’m in Europe right now, but Arne can coordinate with you on a session.

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