Cluck – A Smarter Kitchen Timer

A watched pot never boils...

...but watching a pot is exactly what you have to do sometimes. If you're boiling eggs for breakfast or making pasta for dinner, you know that stepping away from an active kitchen can lead to food overcooking. So, you do what most people do: you set a timer or simply stay in the kitchen. No one likes mushy pasta.

Cooking mostly still requires supervision. As a result, people are unable to easily monitor certain cooking activities while moving about in the home. Often, people must leave an active kitchen unattended for short periods of time home (to take a call, let out the dog, help kids with homework, etc.) and it’s easy to become distracted (Facebook anyone?). This can result in overcooked food, boil-overs and general safety issues (fire).

Not if you have cluck.

cluck is a patent-pending kitchen timer which makes it easier to prepare some of your favorite foods more conveniently, consistently and safely every time you cook.

cluck is a fully immersible, food-safe temperature sensor which measures and monitors temperature variances when cooking certain foods. It adjusts target timing and alerts the user at relevant intervals when the food being prepared is “done.”

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